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The Wellness Journal

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Wellness Journal, third edition

Robin Willis has provided us with a Wellness Journal to organize and document your health information, it is a health record keeper for you and your family as a tool for support and empowerment.

The Wellness Journal was created in thought during my mothers’ long illness with ovarian cancer. Our family needed a place to organize, document and express our emotions during the recovery, healing and discovery journey of our mother. Years later, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease which further led the journey to begin writing the Wellness Journal. I needed a place to organize, document and report my emotions while on my recovery and healing path. Medical exams, blood tests, and other vital health information are of vital importance and needed to be documented. Whenfaced with a medical challenge the need to be stress free is of a high importance and I found being organized with your medical information can provide a safety net for you and your family.

The Wellness Journal can serve as an active Journal that can assist as a tool to log health information and assist in creating and organizing your life. It is filled with statements of hopes, inspiration and empowering words. The Wellness Journal is a health record keeper and organizer for you and your family.

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Robin you have done it again! The Wellness Journal, Third Edition is the perfect tool to keep track of your medical history. A must have for all seeking the paths to a healthier life. Thank you!!

Ayana Mayes Winslow

The Wellness Journal provides a platform to document your vital health information that is critical for managing your health information. Much needed and timely at this time

Charles Austin

The Wellness Journal is the perfect journal to record your medical history, medications, emergency contacts, medical tests, dental information, etc. in one place. The Wellness Journal is highly recommended for your personal medical record keeping.

Denise Triplett

This journal will give you a place to document your health journey, as we often forget about all the little things that come up during our walk toward a healthier life. Best of Health!

Maria Byrd

The Wellness Journal is a must have. It is packed with an array of medical information and is a great place to record and maintain your own medical history and information.

William Jackson

The Wellness Journal is an insightful& well organized tool to notate your thoughts and questions regarding your medical / health concerns. The topics of concern also provide an overview & definitions for various conditions.

Rita Clark Johnson

This wellness journal provides a platform to document not only your medical history, but anecdotal notes that can serve to clarify any medical diagnosis. I now have a convenient place to record any medical information instead of on little random pieces of paper. Great resource!!! .

Christine M Willis-Bennett

Robin Willis is a very gifted and caring professional person who overviews the health needs of individuals. The Wellness Journal can be used and applied by other professionals and non professionals. Miss Willis provides info that is comprehensive yet easy to read.The Journal allows for record keeping of medical,psychiatric, dental procedures,test, etc.for oneself, family, physicians, caretakers etc. to ensure continuity of ones optimal care and health. As a retired nurse I highly recommend this book.

Ruby King

Was looking to put my health and state of mind back on track..this book gives me the tools to do just that.. well organized headings gives me insight to my health status at a glance.. if you are looking to take charge of your health .. this is the book for you .. well done

Donna Marie Gaskins

I could not believe all of the useful information in The Wellness Journal, I learned a lot about different conditions and was able to record my own medical info in the Journal

James Washington Jr

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